MaryKay M.

Working part time and earning a full-time income has created financial security for MaryKay and her family.

Although MaryKay M. has been a vegan and whole food advocate since 2008 as well as a fitness leader among her extended peer group she was looking for a way to make a bigger difference for people’s health. In 2013 when she was introduced to Purium she knew instantly she had found what she was looking for.

Not only did her body naturally respond to the products, she easily lost those hard-to-lose last ten lbs, she recognized the enormous value in sharing her success with others and helping them achieve their wellness and financial goals. In addition to her existing full time job she is putting in a part time effort with Purium and in less than one year, MaryKay has reached one of the highest paying tiers within the company. Her work with Purium has completely changed her financial status from overcoming debt to planning and investing for a secure future.

When asked how she accomplished so much in such a short time she says, “I had a huge desire to change my situation and I made the decision to fully commit to the process. I joined, I participated and I relied heavily on my mentor to learn the business. It’s not about luck, it’s about commitment. Now my focus is on helping my team achieve their goals. For everything that I put into sharing Purium, I get it all back and more. Most importantly I get to help people”

MaryKay M.
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